Jack Bennett has recently returned from a trip to Australia having received a scholarship from New Zealand Polocrosse last year. We caught up with Jack and asked him a few questions about his trip:

Where have you been?

I went to chinchilla qld in April with the nz junior team then I went to Sydney then flew to Tamworth and stayed in Inverell NSW, I played in 4 carnivals overall which were Coffs Harbour,Narrabri, Cubaroo and Chinchilla.

What were your most enjoyable moments?

my most enjoyable moments would have to netting new people because everyone was good to me. Then another enjoyable moment was hanging out with the people I stayed out because they are really good and friendly people. Also another moment was learning the Aussie cultures and travelling to cool places like lakes, caves and I went to school there for a day which was very different.

What have you learnt?

I have learnt a lot of things i improved on my riding skills as well as my racket skills because I spent a lot of time with my racket. Another thing I learnt was that the auzzies put on a good party and they know how to dance.

What can we expect to see from Jack Bennett this year on the New Zealand Polocrosse field?

This season I will have a lot more horse power and a lot more explosiveness happening when I’m playing as well as a lot more tricks up my sleeve!