Sponsors 2019 Results

Coopers Shield Trophy

New Zealand v Queensland Juniors:

Game 1: Winners Queensland 22 / NZ 18

Game 2: Winners NZ 17 (Golden Goal) / Queensland 16

Best Female Player: Bridget Shepherd

Best Male Player: Ty Murray

Best Horse and Rider : Ella Myres & Stitches

Trans Tasman Challenge

New Zealand v New South Wales Intermediates

Game 1: Winners NZ 22 / NSW 14

Game 2: Winners NZ 21 / NSW 19

Best Female Player: Gemma Stuart

Best Male Player: Jack Kinder

Best Horse and Rider: Jack Kinder & Firefly

Sponsors Open Tournament:

Division 1: Winners Nyanza Livestock

Runnersup: Wanganui Concrete

Division 2: Winners: Totally Vets Taumarunui

Runners Up: Honda First

Horse of the Carnival: Bubblegum - Caitlin Cornelius