Junior Championship "Malcolm Trophy"

Winners: Northland
Runners up: Auckland/Central Plateau combined

Best Number 1: Thomas French
Best Number 2: Maya Scott

Best Number 3: Ty Murray"Errol Gloyn Trophy"

Best Pony: "Panache" Kayla Murray

"Bombers Trophy" Best Horse and Rider: "Raffa" & Kyla Zielinski

ASHS Best Junior ASH pony: "Magnum" Morgan Bolstad

King Country Association Cup: Best turned out team: Auckland/Central Plateau combined

Swarbrick Trophy: Best Section on & off the field: Waikato - Bridget Shepherd, Emma Coleman, Casey Watson

Intermediate Championship "Baxter Trophy"

Winners: Waikato
Runners up: Auckland/Waikato

Best Number 1: Tom Keightley
Best Number 2: Mae Watson
Best Number 3: Josh Sims-Fowler

"Gregory Gloyn" Best Pony: "River" Josh Simms-Fowler

ASHS Best Intermediate ASH Pony: "Firefly" Jack Kinder

Ray White New Zealand Best Intermediate Horse & Rider "River" & Josh Sims-Fowler